Monday, March 28, 2011

Honey, I think you need to straighten out the dead bird on your head...

Or so spoke my fearless companion the first morning I slept on my amazing, fantastical, super hip n' trendy new FEATHER EXTENSIONS!!!

So I first caught wind of this lil' trend via Birchbox's Facebook, and that same day was contacted by a girl who is set up to do these hair extensions... and that weekend attended the Makeup Show LA, where I saw TONS of them live and in person.

So what ARE they?  They're real feathers attached to your hair usually by a bead, and they can be washed, flat ironed, curled, whatever.  They come in all different lengths, widths, styles and colors, and can be worn alone or in a groupings.  Here are mine:

As "installed" by the fabulous Shelly of the Azalea Salon (949.248.3406 and  I have two bundles of about four feathers each clamped up in there, and I LOVE 'em!  And Shelly has been putting them in bangs and short hair and long hair and they're just so much fun... especially for spring and summer. :)

So there's a little something fun I'm loving this week.  The other thing I've been reaching for all week is my LUSH Lemony Flutter in an attempt to salvage my tragic-looking, raggedy-ass cuticles.  Who knew that a steady stream of hair and beauty products would be so rough on my grubby lil' paws?  Sigh.

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Jennie said...

They look amazing! How long do they last?